Voyager Studio

In partnership with Game Sage
Presents: Chef Quest

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<Voyager Studio Team>

I am the Lead 3D Artist and Programmer. I've enjoyed video games my entire life, the first being Pokemon Leaf Green. I am grateful to be in the position and have the opportunity to provide people with the same amazing experiences I had when playing games growing up.

Scott, Lead 3D Artist

 I’m a 3D generalist which mainly focuses on rigging, programming and overall design choices at Voyager Studios as part of Game Sage Productions. My dream was always to make a company with friends and create wondrous worlds which inspire people through immersive gameplay. Through all of our experiences and skills we’ve been able to start making this a reality.

Stella, 3D Generalist


Hey! I am the Lead Game Quality of Life Engineer and Visual Effects guy! I’ve been playing and loving video games for a long time and I am excited to finally make games that others will love and enjoy! I aim to make our games the juiciest they can possibly be. Our goal here at Game Sage Productions and Voyager Studios is to provide experiences that inspire our audience and promote the same feelings of wonder and joy we have all experienced whilst playing games.

Dechlan, Lead QLE & VFX 

I'm the concept artist, illustrator and character artist! I strive to make our games a feast for the eyes. With a deep appreciation for games the work we're doing is a dream come true and I hope to inspire our players the way I was inspired.

Jed, Concept Artist - Illustrator & Character Artist

<What's in Voyagers future?>

Goals we have achieved

  • We have started our own company “Voyager Studio”.

  • Each Voyager has a bachelor's degree in their respective subject

  • We’ve started production on Chef Quest and have a clear direction on where we want to take the game.

Expected goals before we started

  • We want to make games that people enjoy and provide amazing experiences for them.

  • We wanted to make something unique and fun which stands on its own and uses all of our creative skills to a professional standard in order to be accomplished.