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Privacy Policy

GameSage is a Game Development Studio provides services to you that are free of charge and at a financial cost. Both at a Game Development, Software Development level and at consumer level, both services come with privacy standards. This is a general overview of how we protect your privacy and rights when using our services. Please be aware, that like all other businesses using a 3rd party service means you are agreeing to their privacy agreements and we are not held responsible for their handling of your data, we are responsible for handling your data on our services only.

In general, what should you cover in your Privacy Policy?


  1. What type of information do you collect?
    We believe in privacy, The only data that is stored is session data so you can view the site correctly.  Purchases are made using 3rd party services, such as Stripe, Google Pay and PayPal. We never see this information.

  2. How do you collect information?
    Information is stored in the form of cookies and basic site function data forms.

  3. Why do you collect such personal information?
    Simply to make sure you are seeing the content correctly.


  4. How do you store, use, share and disclose your site visitors' personal information?
    Under no circumstances will we release such data to a 3rd party. Privacy is taken exceptionally serious here and we believe you have a right to it. Regardless of who is asking.


  5. How (and if) do you communicate with your site visitors?
    We will communicate through registered platforms such as our website, Steam threads, Discord, and Guilded. These are our platforms. we will not ever ask for personal details on our website, via reddit, via YouTube, or Email. If you need to share information with us it will be with the correct forms and protections in place to ensure your data safety and privacy is respected as well as our own.


  6. Is your service targeting and collecting information from Minors?
    Absolutely NOT. No data is saved regarding age, sex, religion. The only data that is requested is country, time, and basic browser cookies present on every website. These are to allow us simply to serve you better. This way we can tailor email schedules to when you are likely to want to receive them rather than in the middle of your sleep pattern.


  7. Privacy policy updates
    Privacy policy updates will be reviewed ever year to make sure we are providing a service to you that is in line with our personal and company morals.


  8. Contact Information
    We do not buy or sell customer data. This is a breach in privacy and our standards. Contact information is only stored if and when you send this to us for joining a membership, a mailing list, community services such as our internal groups. We will never willingly release information to identify you, or to be able to contact you without your express permissions. How ever, by sending us your details via forms, you are giving us permission to send mail and updates to you as well as include you in our groups.

    How ever we are freely available to discuss privacy concerns. Please find us at one of our listed places of congregation or email us to find out more.

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