Web Designer

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Employment Type: Contract

Job Status: Filled

What You’ll Do

Maintain a website and its presence. This may include the use of:

Social media platforms like
- Facebook

- Twitter

- Instagram

- Reddit

You will maintain the quality standards and curate the website postings and QA the content. 
You will answer website responses and queries and forward them to relevant team members that can handle to the tasks for you. 

You ideally will have 1 years experience a University Degree is counted or a 2 year experience if certificate III is held.

You must be friendly and approachable.

Who We Are

We are a new company that has been working side by side with other studios training indie developers how to deploy their projects, manage their time, and grow skilled in their craft after their university graduations. 

We are now undertaking our own developments and re-focusing our role in the industry to do what we love. 

We have extensive library of assets and skill. 

We are a close team that enjoys working on these project. We are a company with moral values and high standards of work. While our minor projects have been side projects, our clients have been successful with our aid. 

We will continue that trend inhouse and provide you with additional help and or skills you may need to complete your tasks.