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FX Junior

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Employment Type: Contract

Job status: Filled

What You’ll Do

3D VFX in Unreal and Unity engine, This will include the use of lighting in Lumen, Using node-based editors, and working with the team to produce high-quality particle effects. 

You can choose to work within engine, In Autodesk Maya, SidefX Houdini or Blender. Certain workflows must be adhered to in order to maintain consistency across the productions. 

You will have some skills working in a team environment, 

Advantageous but not required: 
3D Modelling

Who We Are

Gamesage has been a trusted publisher in the game development space since 2012.

We have worked with game developers all over the world to help bring their games to the broadest possible audiences.

From Idle Earth, to upcoming franchises such as Squirrel Knight, we’re passionate about what we publish.

At Gamesage , we aim to

Bring magic to every concept.

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