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Our games are crafted from unique design and top notch technology, just like our team.

Job Openings


FX Junior

Brisbane, Australia

Position Filled

Are a special FX Junior looking to take on a unique roll in games? We are hiring for special effects for our new 3D projects in Unity and Unreal Engine. Apply today!


Web Designer

Brisbane, Australia

Position Filled

Web Designers needed to help with our online website presence. You will plan and implement management of the website and develop strategies to keep it functional and up to date. Apply today!


Junior Game Developer

Brisbane, Austrlia

Position Filled

Finished your degree? Looking for a start in the industry? We might be the place for you, We have on hand experienced staff to help form your skills into the direction you wish to take, If game development is your interest, Apply today!



Brisbane, Australia

Position Filled

Looking to program games? Like flexibility? Apply today, We have only 1 position available. You must be experienced and hold skills with C#, .Net, C++ and Python to be successful with a proven background. This is not an entry level role. 

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