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GameSage was officially established in 2020 to craft interactive entertainment to the world.

Previously the team worked in education and deployment of other studio's projects. Upon realising that they really wanted to bring something different to the world stage, Game sage team has decided in 2020 that it was their turn to deploy their own specific game development team. Previous games were made by the team in their spare time, while working with other studios.  Collectively the team has 6 years of direct development, and a further 5 years deploying and producing games for other studios.

GameSage team has spent many years educating small indie studios on how to deploy their games on platforms, setting up structures and IT infrastructure for indie teams in order to develop their skills from basic to advanced production workhorses making their own way in the world of games. GameSage has smaller scale games have been successful with over 1 million active players. These were just side projects! 

Now with the new ways to develop and integrate with technology and their expertise in game development., GameSage are now a fully operational studio!

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We’re based in sunny Brisbane, Australia!

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The team at GameSage is based in brisbane. While primarily they have been focusing on helping other studios deliver their end products, there has been some smaller projects of their own. In 2022 GameSage staff has decided to branch out and deliver products all there own. So stay tuned for more releases in more genres.

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