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For the Love of the Game

Established in 2020 to help spread interactive entertainment across the world.

After a decade involved with education,  the team at Gamesage made the jump to focus on games development. Since then, Gamesage has been intimately involved with the production of several client-driven projects,

Collectively the team has 20 years of direct development, and a further 5 years deploying and producing games for other studios.

With a background in training, Gamesage has spent many years educating small indie studios on how to deploy their games on platforms, setting up structures and IT infrastructure for indie teams.


The orginal projects developed in-house at Gamesage have touch a fan base of over one million activer players. From those times, the number of fans just keep growing and growing. 

Deeply involved with education, community and technology. Gamesage is the team that can bring any project to life, with our unique brand of magic. 

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We’re based in sunny Brisbane, Australia!

Game Sage Designer Team Image

The team at GameSage is based in brisbane. While primarily they have been focusing on helping other studios deliver their end products, there has been some smaller projects of their own. In 2022 GameSage staff has decided to branch out and deliver products all there own. So stay tuned for more releases in more genres.

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